Play Games, Fight Cancer, Win Prizes!

Join Gaiscioch as we Stand up to Cancer in an epic fight to raise awareness and funding for cancer research centers. In this annual event, the Gaiscioch join together to livestream across 3 days benefiting Stand Up to Cancer.

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Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.
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How it Works!


Create a Gaiscioch Passport Account and Login during the event

Watch Live

Enter the raffle during each broadcast to earn a raffle ticket.

Use Your Raffle Tickets

Use your raffle tickets to choose the grand prize raffles you'd like to win on our prize page.

Win Prizes!

At the end of the event, we will raffle off prizes to all those who entered.

The More We Earn, The More Prizes Become Available!


Saturday, May 15th

About Stand up to Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer enables scientific breakthroughs by funding collaborative, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional scientific cancer research teams and investigators. Thanks to the support of our dedicated partners and the entertainment community, SU2C is able to bring widespread attention to cancer research and treatments.

100% of donations received from the public support Stand Up To Cancer’s cancer research programs. This funding eliminates barriers to innovation and brings together scientists and researchers from multiple institutions and disciplines. This cancer research strategy pushes forward big ideas and brings groundbreaking new therapies to patients in record time.

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About The Gaiscioch Community

Founded in 2001, the Gaiscioch Community set out to create a safe and friendly place for gamers far and wide to explore MMORPGs together. Since their inception they have grown to include 8,593 members across 75 nations and have launched their own magazine, flag-football teams, livestreams, and charity events.

The Gaiscioch Community has been a proud supporter of Charity Events since 2011. Each year they gather the troops for an epic gaming experience. We stream our charity events live on Twitch and features our favorite MMORPG & cooperative games.

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